Dr. Lee was born in Canton, China. He came to the United States in his teens and earned his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in aeronautics and astronautics (aerospace engineering) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Since graduation, Dr. Lee has worked for more than twenty years in middle management in the aerospace industry. He also taught as a tenured professor at the University of California at Irvine (UCI). He is the author of Optimal Estimation, Identification, and Control, a book published by the MIT Press, and has had published numerous technical papers and articles. Dr. Lee held many patents ranging from the area of missiles and aircraft to recreational vehicles. He was listed in Who’s Who in the West in 1970–1971.

Dr. Lee is also active in business. He owned and operated several small businesses and franchises in his youth. In management, he has served as chairman and CEO of a commuter airline, vice chairman of a national bank, and chairman and president of several companies. He was elected as Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 by ABAOC.

He also served as a general partner of several real estate enterprises.

Dr. Lee recently retired as chairman of the China International University (CIU), a 501(c)(3) corporation. The main purpose of this university is to improve understanding between the East and West and to promote world peace. The motto of this university is “Putting wings in young hearts.”

He is the coauthor of the Chinese Treasure Chest Series of children’s books with his daughter, Doreen. These stories are like the oriental Aesop’s fables and are available at Amazon.com.

Dr. Lee is active in Christian and community service. He served many years as an elder of the Garden Grove Community Church (now known as the Crystal Cathedral). He and his wife, Bettie, were members of UCI Chancellor’s Club and the UCI Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Group.