Health and Wealth

Health & wealth

Today, I want to share with you the importance of “Health & Wealth”, two of the colors of the “Rainbow of Your Success”.
First, we must realize that without health, we endure life. With health, we can enjoy it.

Here are the facts: American baby boomers are reaching 50 at the rate of 50,000 per day. Most of these people are overweight, many are obese. Diabetes is common; so are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many degenerative diseases. Heart problem follows.
Cancer: In America, one of two males and one of three women will experience cancer in their lifetime. Recent research shows that the no. 1 killer for children under 14 is a cancer!

With all the expenditure (no. 1) in medical care, we, Americans’ longevity is ranked #38 of the world and is getting lower.
Can we do something about it? Yes, read ch. 4 of my book: “Build the Rainbow of Your Success” or go to my other website: and download a free e-book.

Wealth: Without health, wealth does not matter! Imagine how many $billions Steve Jobs would pay for a few more GOOD healthy years? If you are healthy and live a long life, you need wealth to enjoy the quality of life. We cover that in ch.5 of my book. GOTO: and get a 40% discount now!

Dr. Robert CK Lee,

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