Build The Rainbow of Your Success

Book Synopsis The central theme of this book is that we live in two worlds: the visible (physical), three-dimensional world and the invisible (spiritual), multidimensional world. The physical world is composed of what we experience with our five senses. The invisible (spiritual) world is composed of our knowledge, wisdom, character, integrity, faith, hope, love, fear, worry, greed, frustration, spirit, and soul. (One is temporal, the other eternal.) We design our success in the (invisible) spiritual world. We build it in the physical world. The question is: How? Our lives are constantly under construction. Success in life is a continuous, multidimensional achievement that can be represented by the seven different colors of the rainbow. These are: purpose (red), mission (blue), passion, (green), financial health (violet), physical health (orange), mental development (yellow), and creativity (indigo). I’ve devoted a chapter to each color to discuss them in more detail. Interestingly, all the colors come from white light. If we have a well-balanced rainbow, it recombines as white light. (See Chapter 8.) Our lives are gifts from God. What we do with our lives are our gifts to God. At the end of our lives, we’ll present our rainbows to the Almighty. Some rainbows will be bigger than others. Unfortunately, some will be a few colors short. My goal is to help you learn how to work smarter—not harder—and to develop an attitude and a core belief so you can enjoy the sunshine and learn to dance in the rain.