Letter to parents and grandparents

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity!”

Indeed, everything we do has profound consequences, whether we know it or not. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to raising children. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s parents and grandparents may not be famous but they must have done something right. Passing on wisdom, love, and a firm sense of values to our children is our most important task.

These are two new books from the Chinese Treasure Chest series of books designed for advanced readers (3rd grade and up) and to be read to little ones by their parents. Our objective is to teach children how to think creatively. Each of these stories illustrates the fact that there is a solution to every problem if you learn to think “outside the box!”

We live in two worlds: the physical world that we all see and understand and the spiritual world that we cannot see. In the spiritual (unseen) world reside our wisdom, knowledge, integrity, character, core beliefs, ideas, faith, hope, love and more.

Our children live in the same two worlds: in the physical world they grow up and mature with or without us, as long as we feed them. However, without guidance on the spiritual side, they can grow up as savages. (Want to see this in living color? Just put two lovely one or two year old toddlers in a play pen and give them just ONE toy.)

Many parents in our busy world have unknowingly allowed their TV, DVD and computer games to develop their children’s character and values. It is vital to help our children to develop their minds and character with good books and moral guidance!

When we build superior children,

Our children will build a better world!

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