Unity of wisdom from the East and the West

Unity of wisdom from the East and the West 

                                                                 – Build the Rainbow of Your Success

Human beings are the most peculiar creatures among all the things that heaven fosters.  There may be happiness and hardship in the life course of every individual. In the brilliant success of all great achievements, there’re painstaking efforts.  Beautiful rainbow is built up through baptism by storm.

Hold on your dream rainbow

When adverse situation persists, one should learn to keep the fine rainbow in one’s spiritual world, reflecting upon one’s purpose of life and upholding righteous path since true gold only gets better tempered in fire (red); fine-tuning one’s mission to adapt oneself into the constantly-changing world in which new events never stop, just like rolling waves in the sea (blue); motivating oneself to move forward bravely with passions, like lush trees and grass that enjoy growth in spring (green); cherishing one’s health with balanced nutrition of fruits, vegetables besides calorie and protein intake, since life is not just one event of marathon, but consists of various events that require patience, intelligence and long-term health to keep sustaining development (orange and yellow).

The course of innovation never ends. Indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant but is bluer than the plant it comes from. There may be temporary bottlenecks on the way of development, but there’s no deadlock ceiling limitation in long term run.  So think outside the box. Away from the conventional paths, there’s a solution to every problem.

Be pious to the truth 

The journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step. When some results have been achieved on the way, one should not be over-proud or act too rashly, but keep cautious and prudent all the time.  One should learn to guard one’s wealth from loss, avoid risky investment in new company stocks, commodities futures, unsecured bonds, uninsured saving accounts, etc., but keep patience with long-term growth of wealth by holding secure estate and property.

A simple fact is that among Fortune 500, most companies rely on constant innovation in real economy in order to maintain sustainable development.  As to stock guru Warren Buffet and hedge fund master John Paulson, their success not only relied on unconventional mentality, but also on deep insight of the game of currency war, in which the tremendous efforts of massive data analysis may be even more challenging than some tangible technology innovation in real economy.

So while being prudent against sophisticated investment tools, one may better learn some simple rule of wealth management instead of rash attempt to participate in risky financial game.  Truth is always simple. Learn to master the rule of 72 and apply it with patience on your investment. Keep simple approach of investment and be pious to the true philosophy for financial health (Violet) that works for thousands of years since the time of ancient Babylon.

Different Styles of Rainbow with Different People

People live in two worlds: the visible (physical), three- dimensional world and the invisible (spiritual), multidimensional world. In dynamic motion, the 7 colors — Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange, Yellow and Indigo, build up a beautiful rainbow.  In the spiritual world, everyone has his or her own dream rainbow.  Yet, how the rainbow is shaped and how well the beauty of rainbow is preserved may differ with each individual.

Success is a multidimensional journey, like building the seven colors of a rainbow. No one can achieve perfection in all areas. Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. Life itself is a process of perpetual self-development.  On the life-long journey in the world, one is constantly building knowledge of oneself and of the world.

In a jungle, not just the lions eat. Not all people can make so great achievements as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. But behind all those illustrious men, there are ordinary people who may be their family members, teachers or friends, dedicating their love and passions to help those great men build up their outstanding character and integrity.

In the venturous life course of Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite and other explosives, his younger brother Emil contributed his life in a huge explosion accident.  However, Alfred’s other family members continued to support him in search of a safer explosive, which was finally achieved in 1867, and named by Nobel as “Dynamite.”  In order to pass on peace, Nobel established the Nobel Prizes to honor men and women for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine and literature, and for working toward peace.

One of the important features of human civilization is that people pass on wisdom, love, and a firm sense of values to their descendants generation by generation.  Wise teachers can teach students according to their aptitudes;  open-minded parents can help children develop their talents at an early age.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, had a curious mind at childhood. His parents supplied him with all the books he wanted. Then they supported Bill with computer terminal and computer time for the students, which shaped up Bill Gates’ capability as excellent pioneer in software programming and IT marketing.

Besides the eminent glory of those extraordinary people, there can be unconventional achievements for ordinary people as well. Ryan Hreljac, a six-year-old boy in Canada who was deeply concerned about the lack of clean drinking water in Africa, was encouraged by his parents to do extra chores in order to collect money for building wells to conserve clear water in Africa.  One day, the small boy’s long term efforts were reported by newspaper and a TV station. The story moved sympathetic readers and viewers who launched public donation and contributed to successful development of hundreds of wells in Africa, serving over 427,000 people.

Unity of wisdom from the East and the West

Dr. Robert C K Lee, the author of “Build the Rainbow of Your Success”, has travelled an unconventional path in his life course as well. When he was six years old, Robert contracted pneumonia, which was dangerous in the 1930s in rural China.  Despite the helpless situation, Robert’s mother made all possible efforts to help with her son’s survival. Fortunately an American missionary doctor in Guangzhou saved Robert’s life with some experimental form of penicillin. Then China was plunged into the second World War. At his teenage, the family of Lee often ran as refugees from the invading Japanese army. Once Robert could even see the pilots’ white scarves since the enemy biplanes flew so low in bombing raid.

That’s indeed a dark time of memory. However, in Robert’s mind, there’s always a firm pursuit of bright future. Due to the experience of bitter hardships in wartime China, young Robert’s dream was to join the air force so as to defeat the Japanese army.  Though the dream was not realized since the war was over in 1945, Robert kept his passions for airplanes.  With his persistent pursuit for his dream rainbow in the sky,  Robert travelled alone to the United States in 1950, in his late teens, to study aircraft and engine mechanics.  Due to his unswerving passions for his dream rainbow in the sky, Robert was then accepted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the best engineering school in the United States.

Dr. Robert C K Lee is now a retired rocket scientist. He earned his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. He worked more than 20 years in the aerospace industry working on the X-15 space plane, Mercury; Gemini program, Titan II & III launch vehicles and several satellite projects. He has received a “Special Achievement Award” from the USAF Space Division.

Dr. Lee has versatile talents. He also taught as an Engineering Professor atU C Irvine.  He was listed in “Who’s Who in the West 1970-1971”. Dr. Lee recently retired as chairman of the China International University Foundation (CIUF), a 501(c)(3) corporation. The main purpose of this university is to improve understanding between the East and West and to promote world peace. The motto of this university is “Putting wings in young hearts.”

In his lifelong course, Dr Lee has built up a unique rainbow of success that bridges up civilizations in the East and West. In the darkest period of wartime China, Robert kept his mission to create a bright rainbow for tomorrow; at time of frustrations and setbacks, his passions never retreated.

Rainbow is often built up after storm. When warm sunlight penetrates through dark clouds, the sky is cleared up, with shining colors of rainbow unfolded over the earth. At dark time of an individual’s life, one should learn to grow with wisdom, perseverance and faith. With holy guidance of wisdom and perseverance,  the rainbow in one’s spiritual world can be united with the physical world.

It’s great perseverance and firm faith that build up Dr Lee’s unusual rainbow of success. The brilliant glory of this rainbow will encourage people from both the East and the West to go on for many generations, and toward eternity!

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